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Specializing in Auto Lockouts
24 Hour Service In and around the Idaho Falls Area
Quality, Integrity, Excellence
JD's Lock & Key strives to provide the best service in security for your home or automobile. Fast and friendly, we get the job done so you can go on with your day!

Affordable, Experienced & Professional
Jeremy Disney of JD's has over 10 years experience in automotive and residential lockouts and is a Certified Locksmith. Automobile Lockouts are a flat $35 fee ($50 after hours 9pm-7am) within the Idaho Falls area. Accepting Cash, Check, or Credit/Debit Cards on site. 

Call us at (208) 840-0111 to learn more.
Give us a call at
(208) 840-0111
You could cause serious damage to your vehicle by attempting a lockout on your own resulting in costly repairs?
Deadbolts are the most important line of defense in your home? Bottom locks can take less than 10 seconds to bypass.
A great majority of thefts are crimes of opportunity? Leaving doors unlocked saves the criminal time!
"I called JD's and they were here in less than 15 minutes. He had my car unlocked before I could finish filling out the paperwork! Very friendly and professional."
-Jeff, November 2010
Fast, Damage-free, and Best prices!
Auto Lockouts $30-$50

5240 E Powerhouse Dr.  Idaho falls ID 83406
email:JDsLockandKey@gmail.com / call: (208)840-0111
"Saved me from going off the deep end. He was at my house in the amount of time that he said he would be and was able to get me in. Very friendly and kind. Best believe he is saved in my phone. "

 -Tia, May 2012
Mobile Locksmith
(208) 840-0111